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new home foundation dfw

Specialists in new home foundations dfw 

Our company works for 3 of the nations top 20 home builders.
All of the track housing companies we work for use tension cables for their foundations for a few reasons.  They are less expensive then rebar and the finished product will have less cracks then a traditional rebar foundation due to the tension put on the cables after the foundation has set.  This isn´t to say that tension cables are better than rebar.
Tension cables are laid across the foundation and each end has a plate that sits inside the foundation to allow the cable to have tension applied.  Seven to ten days after the foundation has set special tools torque the bolts on the ends of the tension cables against the plates set in concrete to basically pull together the foundation.  Tension cable foundations get the same small cracks in hot or windy weather rebar foundations do, but when the bolts on the cables are tightened to apply tension most of the cracks will get smaller and dissapear so the end customer will not know they exist.
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